The Cross Creek Church family of believers was born out of a small prayer meeting in 1996 when a handful of teenagers came to pray for a move of God’s presence in their friends’ lives. The prayer meeting continued week after week and quickly became a hub for intersession.

Soon, the small prayer meeting morphed into a Saturday night evangelistic service where youth would bring their friends and family members for whom they had so desperately been praying. “Saturday Night” exploded with teenagers desperate to get right with God. Organically, a youth group formed and the passionate teens united in vision to bring revival to their schools. When the home they were meeting in could no longer facilitate their growing number, a Christian businessman opened up his warehouse for “Saturday Night” services and provided dinner to the busloads of teens that flooded through each week.

Sam Mather began an evangelistic high school ministry with fiery preaching geared to pierce the hardest hearts. His older brother, Todd, who was a worship pastor in a local Tulsa church, put together a band and led worship each week as part of the service. Teenagers flooded to the alter, surrendering their lives to God and turning their backs on all that would keep them from wholehearted devotion. Countless young people gave their lives to the Lord and many of these teens, forever changed, began Christian clubs in their high schools and on their college campuses as they continued meeting to intercede for lost friends and pray for revival.

Wonderful people teamed up along the way to support all that God was doing. They opened their homes, gave of their time, donated resources to keep the passionate services going – from talented musicians, bus drivers, and guest speakers, to amazing friends who faithfully set up and tore down speakers, keyboards and music equipment, chairs, tables, etc. each week. There were also those who bought pizza, donated Bibles, ran the sound-system, gave teens rides to and from services, spent much of their free time mentoring high-school students, and who sacrificed financially to help keep the lights on. God used many, many people to continue the ministry of “Saturday Night” over the years.

Allen and Ruth Mather (who had facilitated the original prayer meetings) put their normal retirnment plans asside and unselfishly embraced hundreds of young people who came through their home to be ‘Mom and Dad’ to so many teenagers and ORU students.

Saturday Night affected many lives and the fire of devotion instilled in hearts still burns strong in men and women who have stayed passionate followers of Christ Jesus. The close relationships that were forged in revival and ministry lead to beautiful marriages and thriving families that are spread across the globe. They are ministers, worship leaders, businessmen/women, teachers, pastors, moms and dads in every walk of life who are living life in love with God and following the dreams He planted in their hearts as teenagers.

Tulsa relationships stayed strong and families remained connected through continuing the work of the ministry as they raised families and introduced those around them to Jesus. This loosely knit group continued to meet for fellowship, but struggled for years with what to call themselves. They had evolved into something more than a youth ministry. Were they a bible study? Were they a youth-focused church? What exactly were they?

They had become a church. 

It was an amazing realization. With risks, implications and an unknown path ahead, Sam Mather and Todd Mather began the process during the summer of 2013, of forming Cross Creek Church with a rich vision to facilitate the needs of people in every season of life, hungry to know God.

It was exciting to see God breathe life into this dream as the church took shape. The hunger to know God that brought so many people together in the beginning remained the central focus, intimate corporate worship became a pillar of Sunday service, and the evangelistic mission of the “Saturday Night” ministry continued to thrive within the church as it remained dedicated to reaching others with the transforming power of Christ Jesus.