We need YOU at Cross Creek Church!

We encourage you to connect with others by volunteering at Cross Creek Church and grow while reaching out with other believers. We believe that everyone has a God-given gift that is intended for use in the Body. Being an active part of the church is one great way to grow and connect with others as you use your gifts to edify and build up the body of Christ.

We enjoy being with our own circle of friends, laughing with them, and hanging out with them. And we should – one of God’s best gifts is friendship! But there is a shadow-side to a circle of friends – we can easily get so comfortable in our own little group that we forget about those on the outside. It’s not that we look down on those who aren’t in our circle; we simply don’t know they exist. Or if we do know, their true needs don’t register on our personal radar screens.

The best friends of Jesus were His disciples; however, He constantly extended a hand of grace and help to those beyond His circle. A despised Samaritan, a loathed tax-collector, a shameful prostitute, outcast lepers – Jesus considered all of those to be people who needed to see God’s love in action. So He showed them compassion: personal attention and practical help where they needed it. Jesus invites us to join Him in looking beyond our circle of friends to show God’s compassion.

If you like children you'll love working in our children's ministry! There are lots of ways to get involved working behind the scenes or with our Adventurers (0-2yrs), Discoverers (3-5yrs), and Explorers (6-10yrs) in children’s church. We need compassionate, loving individuals to help shepherd the hearts of our children.

>> GREETING PEOPLE (Connection Team)
We want everyone to feel welcome and at home here at Cross Creek Church and you can help make that happen by greeting people at the door, brewing coffee, helping with housekeeping needs, and ushering, among other things.

Worship is a lifestyle we live and seen by everything we do and say, but God has given some people special musical abilities that help the body of Christ in corporate praise and worship. If you play an instrument or can harmonize well with others, and you have a heart for corporate worship, let us know. We’d love to have you on the team!

Let us know if you're tech-savvy and would like to join our Production Team! This team is responsible for everything you see and hear. Work with sound on the ipads, manage the words on the projector during worship (also ipad), tweak the lighting, or just help run cables.

>> COORDINATE EVENTS (Encouragement Team)
If you like event-planning or detailed work, we could use your help to facilitate a culture of family within the body of Christ. Weather you like short-term projects (stuffing envelopes, passing out brochures, taking pictures, planning parties or want to plug-in to a specific need (like managing the church Facebook | designing a newsletter | updating the website, etc.) we could use your help.

>> OUTREACH – Throughout the year, there are short-term ministry events geared toward discipleship of teenagers and reaching out to the community. There are many ways to serve – you can become a teen’s “big-brother/big-sister,” take a group of youth to play laser tag, volunteer for one of the many camp-counselor positions (twice a year), or help at a food drive. We need excited individuals that have a heart to reach the community.

If one or more of these areas interests you, please connect with us: